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  • 2014.7.22 『週刊エコノミスト』13,14,15P「ジョコ・ウィドド氏が勝利宣言、真の民主政時代の到来か」
    2014.11.4『週刊エコノミスト』「インドネシアは目覚めるか 新大統領が抱える5つの課題」

ASEAN/APEC Summit, 2013/10

Indonesia Presidential Election 2014

  • Joko Widodo、Prabowo Subiantoの両陣営に選挙戦当初から数年に渡り取材した。開発独裁派の石油輸入に絡む汚職疑惑をめぐるスクープ。「最も取材力のある外国人記者」。
  • Coverage of two presidential candidate, Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto for several years. Scoping  corruption in  oil import and  gasoline subsidy by developmental authoritarianism group
  • “Foreign journalist with the best coverage capability”

Religious and race affairs related to presidential election


Indonesia is a Muslim Majority country, but Islam in Indonesia is varied. In the presidential election was a fierce battle against Muslims, Protestantism and Catholicism etc.

Mafia Migas(Oil Mafia) Scoop


Investigative report on corruption allegation in oil imports. Some group inside government manipulate and raise the price of super-low-grade petroleum imported from North Africa at Singapore exchanges. They make state-owned enterprises buy it at irrationally raised price. Dropping the price to the original level with subsidies, corruption scheme can relocate subsidies to Singapore. The subsidy amounted to about 25% of the central government budget of Indonesia at that time. Coverage of this corruption allegation is the first publishing among oversea medias. This investigative report gave a great impact to foreigners conducting business related to Indonesia.

Gasoline Subsidy 


Investigation on the gasoline subsidy which was considered as corruption allegation of “Oil Mafia”(Mafia Migas) and was a pressure factor of the Indonesian fiscal policy

Biography of President Joko Widodo(2014~)


A series looking back on President Joko Widodo’s life. Staying at Widodo’s hometown, Narrativeized the half-life that Widodo turned from businessman to politician





In Indonesia, the mafia has influence on politics. Yakuza is an powerful vote collecting machine. It is essential for various business. One factor I was overwhelming the others in the political and economic field of Indonesia was that I was keenly aware of this mafia direction.

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